Our Philosophy

Omega Retreat is a program funded by PIC Charitable Foundation and provides mental, physical & emotional rejuvenation to New Mexico-based nurses and doctors who serve their communities during the ongoing COVID pandemic. On behalf of all of us at Omega Retreat, “Thank you for your selfless acts of duty and devotion during this crisis.”

Why We Exist

When COVID-19 first began to manifest itself in the United States, no standardized treatment protocols existed. This never-before-seen disease initially preyed on the elderly but rapidly spread throughout the population — quickly reaching pandemic proportions, killing over 560,000 by early 2021.

Hospitals became overloaded as emergency rooms filled — leaving Frontline Healthcare Workers with the task of fighting a novel virus, without proper knowledge and often without appropriate equipment and personal protective gear.

Caregivers each have varying levels of tolerance but eventually succumb to “shadow pandemic” and experience extreme physical and emotional exhaustionMedia outlets have reported that the burnout and suicide rates among Frontline COVID Healthcare Workers (doctors, nurses, staff, etc.) are on the rise and there exists an immediate need to provide these workers with time and resources to restore and recharge their souls.

Omega Retreat is the first nonprofit sanctuary with the singular mission of meeting the needs of these selfless COVID warriors.

How We Serve

Omega Retreat serves Frontline COVID Healthcare Workers by providing them with FREE access to our off-grid retreat. We offer holistic and restorative activities, including healthy eating and interacting with therapy animals and farm/ranch activities, as well as mental health therapy by licensed professionals.

Healthy food and regenerative rest are the primary treatments — offered in a natural environment, disconnected from the overwhelming demands of day-to-day hospital life.

An onsite Concierge will schedule appointments for therapy and other optional treatments including: yoga classes, massage, reiki and more. During their 5-day stay with us, Frontline COVID Healthcare Workers enjoy self-care and time to rebalance and regain emotional, mental, and physical health. The retreat features privacy and solitude — with solar power, a greenhouse, and livestock, in a wooded environment. Guests can experience gardening & farm duties — or spend the entire time lounging in their private cabin.

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